No.2 Huge changes of people’s life during the thirty years

6 Mar

The video is from CCTV news; it introduces the improvements China achieved.

From the video, it is not hard to see what amazing achievement China got since the reform in 1978, expecially for people’s life.

I just interviewed some Chinese students, asked them how do they think about China’s reform and opening-up policy, what the reform brings for them.

People’s wear

In Cultural Revolution period, all people wore the same style named Mao suit and with blue color. Department stores only provided some old fashion style clothes which were worn in revolution period. Just have a look the youth of nowadays, jeans and shirts became mainstream style just like western people and more and more famous international brands coming to Chinese market; fashion becomes a popular topic in Chinese society as well. The generation after 80s becomes obvious representative for Chinese people’s life.

People’s food

Everybody knows that China had a very terrible period during 1959-1961. According to government statistics, there were 15 million excess deaths in this period. Unofficial estimates vary, but scholars have estimated the number of famine victims to be between 20 and 43 million. After the period, in planning economy, people still needed to use tickets which were given by government to buy food. Streamed bread and gruel are mainstream foods in that period. My father told me, when he was young, my grandfather was a member of Chinese Communist Party and working in government. It was a wealthy family in 1960s; my father said he was proud to have an egg as his breakfast because most people can not. It is unbelievable for us. However, actually it is true. Since China’s reform started, people’s life qualities became higher and higher. American fast food KFC to landed Chinese market firstly and this is first time for Chinese people have chance to try western foods. Nowadays in China, you can try any different kinds of foods, and foods become a fashional culture in China.

People’s social life

China was huge bicycle country. I saw some pictures show many people in 1970s ride bicycle for working. Just compare with current China. More and more families bought car and metro be used in many cities.  More and more high buildings appeared stealthily. Cities have taken on an entirely new look. People can not believe that their children would have chance to study abroad 30 years ago, but now, it becomes truth.


Nongovernmental business will be the mainstay of China’s economy in light of the development trends of domestic and world economy. Industrial experts noted that the “going outward” strategy will play an important role in China’s economic development and the cooperation between China and foreign countries. Some one made the following analysis: First, in terms of China’s present and future trend of economic development, the infrastructure sector remains as a weak link and needs to be strengthened continuously.Significant input in this sector will not create a bubb. Persevere in reform and opening up and keep improving the socialist market economy. Reform and opening up are ways to make China powerful.


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