No.14 Taiwan Problem

27 Apr

Taiwanproblem is a sensitive and special issue forChinamainland. Normally,Taiwanbe seen as a country as a country. However, is it a country or just a region? Why Chinese government againstTaiwan’s independent?

The truth is that, firstly,Taiwanproblem is caused by Chinese civil war in 1947~1949. The Kuomintang which was the ruling party at that time was defeated by Chinese Communist Party and retreated toTaiwan.  Secondly, bothChinamainland controlled by CCP andTaiwancontrolled by KMT all wanted to defeat the opposite party and unify wholeChina. Thirdly,Taiwan’s full name is Republic of China, in the Constitution of the Republic of China, its territory includesTaiwan,Chinamainland evenMongoliaas well.

Just show some pictures, how does ROC think itself?

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It is the map of Republic of China.

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Exit and Entry Permit Taiwan, Republic of China. This permit is issued by the Republic of China to enable mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau residents to travel to Taiwan. The Republic of China refuses to accept the The People’s Republic of China passports.

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The passport of Republic of China, issued in 1982.

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The passport of Republic of China, issued in 2009.

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The Flag of the Republic of China, a state commonly known as Taiwanwas first used in mainland China by the Kuomintang (KMT, the Chinese Nationalist Party) in 1917 and was made the official flag of the ROC in 1928. It was enshrined in the 6th article of the Constitution of the Republic of China when it was promulgated in 1947. Since 1949, the flag is mostly used within Taiwan where the Republic of China relocated after having lost the Chinese Civil War to the Communists.

Republic of China (representative ofChina) was the first five permanent members of United Nations. However, with the development of People’s Republic ofChina(usually be seen as Red China), PRC replace to ROC to be representative ofChinain United Nations.

The ROC argues that it maintains all the characteristics of a state and that it was not “replaced” or “succeeded” by the PRC because it has continued to exist long after the PRC’s founding. Therefore, the argument between ROC and PRC is which one isChina’s official representative. Through communication these years, they all agree with “One China with Two Explanations”.

In addition, because of PRC attended many diplomatic activities asChina’s unique official government these years, so the international space of survival for ROC becomes much smaller. Some people tried to suggest usingTaiwanas name to attend international activities. That’s why some people supportTaiwanindependence.

According to a November 2005 poll from the Mainland Affairs Council, 37.7% of people living in the ROC favor maintaining the status quo until a decision can be made in the future, 18.4% favors maintaining the status quo indefinitely, 14% favors maintaining the status quo until eventual independence, 12% favors maintaining the status quo until eventual reunification, 10.3% favors independence as soon as possible, and 2.1% favors reunification as soon as possible.

Anyway, ROC has got huge achievement. In 1996, the first directly Presidential election of the Republic of China been held. Li Denghui is the first elected president in Chinese society. In addition, ROC got huge achievement on democracy and human rights.

Japan’s well-known management expert, McKinsey & Company analyst Kenichi Ohmae, in his book “Chinese Federation”,he thinks both sides is possible to merge and set up a federal even Singapore are likely to join the federal system of China.

Anyway, peace is the most important thing for the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. We just hope there will be a good solution in the future.

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