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No.8 Chinese Girls’ Money Worship

24 Apr

InChina, Some female contestants’ blatant materialism has sparked widespread criticism. There is a very famous TV program inChinanamed “If You Are the One” (Chinese take me out). A female guest from the program said, she would like to cry in a BMW car rather than smile on a bicycle. Then, a strong storm of girls’ money worship is caused inChina’s society.

(If You Are the One, available at:

 There was a German newspaper published a article named: “Do you want to work harder? Marry a Chinese girl.” It was a totally satire but we can not negative. However, Material Girls become more and more inChina’s society. Because of the development with these 30 years, people’s material expectations become higher and higher. People get used to evaluate a person by the number of his account. A rich boyfriend can satisfy girls’ vanity. Even, girls want to rely on their boyfriends or husbands to enjoy rich life. 

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Compared to Western men, Chinese men seem to be more willing to assume the role of financial provider. I don’t want to stereotype here, and I’m sure there are exceptions, but in general Chinese girls are less shy to admit they judge men by their bank accounts and Chinese men seem to accept it as the most natural thing in the world.

If you watch TV or go to those famous wife-hunting corners at public parks inBeijing, you see single men label themselves as “salary 200,000 yuan ($30,462) per year” or “with a two-bedroom apartment in Haidian district.” The dating market inChinacomes with clear price tags.

However, at present, money worship is a natural tendency for most developing countries. Probably after 20 or 30 years,  Chinese can have a new value system just like nowdays western people.


No.7 Money worship

24 Apr

InUnited States, “World News” 22, released a poll, it showed that Chinese, Japanese and Korean most believe “Money Talk”. World Wide Web 24 launched an online survey on this topic; the result was 80% of Internet users surveyed admitted that China is the first “money worship” State. The survey showed, young people are particularly concerned with money and the money be seen as a symbol of success. The people in these three countries generally thought money is a symbol of personal success. 69% people of China and South Korea think money means success.

However, Europeans generally thought that money is not important like before, especially for Dutch. More than 50% Europeans thought like this. In addition, there was only 30% of American people thought money is symbol of success.


(available at:

Money worship is a real social issue. It can be reflected in many areas:

In economy area, some people only focus on economic benefit and ignore social responsibility. There is only money in their eyes. Many inculpable People become the victims of their benefit. Just like 2008 Chinese milk scandal.

In political area, many leading cadres of the ruling party use the power they have to make money. Power-money deal, corruption and bribery usually appeared inChina’s society. Some government branches put their benefit over the public’s benefit and irregular (illegal) charge from people to satisfy their personal demands and benefit.

In cultural area, some media companies made some vulgar and low level content just for market share and ignored a company’s social responsibility.

It is fact that money worship has become a hot topic inChina’s society.